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SG Cherokee von den Wolfen SCHHIII KKLI a normal ZW 69
Cherokee is the Grandfather to 2012, 2013 WUSV SCHHIII,Champion Hank vom Weinbergblick, owned and handled by Helmut Huber. What an amazing performance!!!
Pure and simple Cherokee is an amazing dog. He has already put a huge stamp on the German Shepherd breed. Bringing his strength of nerve and powerful bite drive into the litters he produces. He is very clever and above all a fair dog. Very strong in all phases of the work. Superb hips. He is a dog that stands out by himself. He has a brother that has also done exceptional. The most bred working dog in Germany 2004 Falk von den Wolfen SCHHIII KKLI a, owned by Thomas Lapp of Wolfen Kennels. He has competed in the BSP 3 times placed 9th 2003 and V protection scores all years. Falk scored a 99 and won the 2004 protection. 2008 WUSV (World Championships) Falk's son Falko places 5th also he was 2007 Bundesseiger and 2008 BSP 5th place, another outstanding accomplishment of Thomas Lapp. Cherokee's son Phalko places top 1/3 with a great performance. Congratulations to him and his handler. The Championships have been attended heavily by this bloodline. Cherokee's unique pedigree boasts superb working lineage to bring strength, workability and substance up. Handled before me by SV judge Peter Jacobs. Imported with the help of Gary and Pam Hanrahan. Thank you both for this excellent dog.
THE 2013 & 2012 SCHHIII WUSV Champion is a Cherokee Grandson
Hank vom Weinbergblick SCHHIII WUSV World Champion. Conratulations Helmut Huber!!!
A daughter of Cherokee wins the cup with high in protection score. Dan Waters has worked hard and so has Ali and it paid off. They won the Canadian trial and went on to the World Championships WUSV as well. Great work!

Dan And Ali
Cherokee pedigree

He is a truely powerful male that has absolutely huge relentless drive for protection, a real and serious dog. He is going to make a huge mark in the breeding world by improving the drive and fight in many bloodlines. His exceptional physical strength and correct structure are also making him a hugely sought after stud. He is intelligent and enjoyable to work with unless you are the decoy. Civil drives are good. He has a crushing grip. Ball drive is extreme and he is somewhat possessive. His food drive is strong. He produces very strong police dogs and top sport competitors. He has dominated the Barbados police dog breeding program for several years.
He is a very enjoyable dog to have around calm and confident when not working and relaxed in the house or in his kennel, he does not bark unless there is a reason. He is a super neat and clean dog. He has a natural shine to his coat and a glint in his eye that is evident instantly. I strongly recommend this dog if you want power, hardness, and limitless desire to work. His outstanding pedigree is a careful arrangement of the finest dogs. His outstanding progeny are making their mark in competition and police service around the world. His consistancy in throwing his ability and structure is remarkable. He is a priceless family protector and playmate for my children.
Falk protection 2004 BSP
This is a clip of Falks winning protection performance at the BSP. An obviously nearly perfect performance with speed, power and fight. A 99/100.
MPEG Movie File FalkOberEinh+abwehr.mpg
Cherokee Working
Here are some clips of Cherokee working. He works very hard and is very intense in his bite, you can see how hard he hits the helper and how much he works the sleeve. This dog has serious work ability. He is as dedicated to his family protection as he is capable of police work. My kids love him.
WMV File biteoncommand.WMV
WMV File sendandguard.WMV
WMV File Barkandhold.WMV
WMV File Escape.WMV
WMV File Escapeslowmotion.WMV
WMV File Longbite.WMV
WMV File workthathelper.WMV
WMV File dumbell.WMV

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