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This is a female that is a pleasure to be around. A fantastic pedigree that produces consistant quality and workability. She is easy to work with excellent ball or toy drive. She has a fantastic civil drive for the bite work, she is not equipment oriented at all. If you show her any agitation she will respond with power and confidence. After almost 2 days in shipping she came off the plane and went after our agitator with a vengance, no need to condition this one to strange places or fields. She a super dog around kids. She has a strong family bond and a great need to protect and be a part of the family. She is neutral around other dogs, she does not go looking for trouble, but will not accept any unfair treatment from them either. She is a medium size dog with exceptional agility and manuverability. When she bites she throws her whole body into the bite, it feels as if you have a dog twice her size on the sleeve. The videos are of her at 20 months. Her titling will follow in this upcoming season.

Thanks to Taunya and Josef of Eurosport K9 for another great dog.
WMV File deniavid1.wmv
WMV File deniavid5.wmv
WMV File deniavid6.wmv
WMV File deniavid7.wmv
WMV File deniavid8.wmv
WMV File deniavid13.wmv
WMV File deniavid15.wmv
Denia's pedigree

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