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Fani Dyma z Pa-Mor
Fani is a Slovaki import, she is a super hard working girl. Her drives are exceptional in all phases. She will be service trained and titled very soon. She will be handled by RCMP (police) officer Mike Benjamin. She is a service K9 ZV1 OP1 SP/PS, Tom Pohranicini straze grandaughter, on her father side, he was bred to a service K9 ZV1, IPO3, OP1, SVV1, Chasanta Anrebri. Which produced Damien Plavno her father, who is a strong producer. She is IPO3, SVV3, SPS,SPO, Cezar z Jasenakaj doliny, grandaughter on her mother side. This gene pool has produced extremely well matched with Cherokee. We have done this breeding twice with outstanding results. Top police prospects and high level sport competitors, capable of living with a family. They do have a lot of drive so I dont recommend them for first timers.

Fani pedigree
WMV File fanilongbite
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Cherokee & Fani pups 7 weeks old
These are 2 girls from the same litter. They are alligators. Watch for them in competition.
A Cherokee and Fani pup at 7 months of age. This is his first training session after his master being away for 4 weeks. He is raised in a family with 2 small children the youngest being 1. He is totally stable and reliable with kids and a super family protector. What you see is natural ability not pumped up training. The files are quite high resolution so they take a while to load. This is a fantastic breeding for experienced handlers and police service, I do not recommend them for first time owners unless they are super ambitious and prepared to take on a top performer. They are very athletic and driven but not to the extreme of being always in drive they are very comfortable inside and not bugging you all the time.
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MPEG Movie File Ranger_2_bite.mpg
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