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This is a son of The Netherlands Top Stud Dog Certified Xamm von Sennertal, and Dyma ze pe Mor. He was born at our kennel. He was sold to an awsome young girl that my wife taught grade 4 to. She had always wanted a dog, and loved Shepherds. I coached her a little bit on which pup to choose as I wanted to watch this young man grow up. She had no experience in dog training, she just loved him and gave him a great home to live in. When she brought him back to me at 2 for some training I could not resist testing him. I have never tested a dog that had as much natural talent as this male. He had more strength and better nerve than many fully trained Police K9. I pushed him so hard and put more pressure on a totally green dog than anyone should ever try. He just kept amazing me, the more I pushed the stronger he got, but as soon as I let the pressure off he was back to a wagging tail lovable big boy. An amazing on off switch to his defence drive with no residual. Super clear headed. We have bred him once now and we got a great litter from him and the pups are turning out very good. His hips and elbows are good.

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