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Quince vom Musikanten Hof SCHHI KKLI a
This is an exceptional female. Super hard and intense in all work phases. Achieving high scores in SCHHI 95-96-92. Her pups are proving to have the same intense working drives. Several of her pups are police service dogs in Germany and one in the USA.
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She is a quiet and calm dog in the house and a great playmate with my kids. She will sit by you and patiently wait till it is time to train. The drive that she has for the work is instantly apparent. Very high hunt and retrieve drive. Limitless energy. Bite work is an immpressive sight to see she is extremely fast and hard hitting, rivaling the best males in intensity. Quince was purchased from my friend Andy Schaefer in Germany. He is a police K9 officer. Special thanks for a fine dog. She is everything you said she would be. Andy occasionally has a great dog for sale if you would like a dog that will definatly measure up to your expectations I can help you get one from Andy.

A pup from Cherokee and Quince 2005

Monique and Oko working the track

Cherokee and Quince pups 2 years and 5 months
CJ & Shelby are identical breedings but 2 years apart in age.

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