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V-Rasko von Karthago SCHHIII IPOIII FH KKL1a ZW87

V-Rasko von Karthago SCHHIII IPOIII FH KKL1a ZW87
SZ 1873295 / CKC 1071654
D.O.B. - August 11, 1993
HD/Normal ZW 85
Rasko is an extremely powerful, hard dog with absolute solid character. He is dominant in nature and very handler hard. Rasko has been bred many times in Germany. Rasko is linebred on Edo von der Helgenhöhe 5-5.
Rasko is no longer alive but we have a few frozen breedings left. He has produced extremely well.
Breed Survey
Groß, kraft- und gehaltvoll, gutes Verhältnis, geprägestark, fester Rücken, etwas kurze Kruppe, gute Winkelungen und Brustverhältnisse, gerade Front und Trittfolge, raumgreifende Gänge. Wesen sicher, Härte, Mut und Kampftrieb ausgeprägt; Hund läßt ab.
Large, powerful and substantial, good overall proportions, strong masculinity, firm back, somewhat short croup, good angulations and chest proportions, straight front and stepping sequence, good ground covering gait. Self assured character, hardness, courage and fighting drive pronounced; the dog releases on command.

Section V. Special Merits: Masculine male with very good pigment and overall appearance. High working ability.

Some of Rasko's accomplishments..
09.03.1996 Hadamar SchH1 98 98 97 293 V Zeller
15.11.1996 Emkendorf SchH2 99 83 96 278 SG Haase
08.11.1997 Flensburg SchH3 94 97 97 288 V Evers
05.12.1997 Emkendorf FH 100 Stark
18.04.1998 Jahrsdorf...FCI Qual IP3 84 88 98 270 SG Schultz, Flügge, Tuchs
15.08.1998 Jübeck....LGA SchH3 99 96 97 292 V Böttcher, Tautz, Ritzi
18.09.1998 Baunatal...BSP SchH3 91 88 95 274 SG Kröpfl, Balonier, Ritzi
24.10.1998 Flensburg SchH3 98 97 98 293 V Tautz

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