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Congratulations to Dan Waters and Allie SCHHI
Dan and Allie a Cherokee daughter of his own breeding scored 96-96-94 in their SCHHI routine. Allie was 2, one of the oldest Cherokee offsping in Canada, Dan bred to him shortly after we got him here. Keep up the good work Dan and Allie. Obviously Dan and Ali are still at it if you checked out the picture above.
Qi (Kee) a Cherokee and Teeka daughter
The following story Natural Instincts is a story about Qi and her family. It had been entered into the Purina Hall of Fame competition. Qi was 1 1/2 year old when this story took place. As told by her family. Good luck we are behind you 100%.
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Terry and Ottokar
Cherokee and Quince 1 year old.

I wouldn't recommend him if I didn't think he was worthy of one of your dogs. He is a real dog lover and has a child and is a runner and would like to take his new baby running with him. If I were a runner, Tristan would love that. As it is, he gets on the treadmill with me and smiles and jumps off when I raise the elevation and looks at me like I'm crazy for doing that!!! He is such a lover and God help anyone who comes to the door - he sounds like about 20 dogs when he is barking and it's a very serious bark and his hair stands on end and he is NOT happy to see whomever is at the door until I tell him "friend" and then he gets one of his babies and expects the person to throw the baby for about an hour or until his or her arm is ready to fall off. Tristan loves his babies and he found one of Juliana's old stuffed "Clifford" dogs, so I gave it to him and he is so proud to carry "Clifford" everywhere he goes. Now I not only share my pillow with Tristan, I share it with Clifford, too. Take care and thank you for blessing me with your friendship AND for Tristan!

to me means the love that Qi gives us! that is truly the reward I like to
see. She has taught my kids and myhusband and I so much.

My 9 year old told me last night that she has ALWAYS had a dog every day
of her living life! And I never thought about it, but so have I and proud
of it!

This is MY first German Shepherd my husband has had them when he was
single, but even he says she is brilliant!

Brilliant. Beautiful and full of love! that is our reward!

But I will be persuing more training as I want her to be highly respected
by not just us but those who meet her~

Thanks for the opportunity to own her!

Trooper a Cherokee/Teeka pup at 6 months
Hi Rick, Sorry I have not gotten with you for an update. I have thought
about it, but never seemed to do it. Anyway, Trooper is working out
real nice. I am very happy with him. He is growing into his feet. At 4
months old, he weighed 48 pounds. He has lost all but one of his baby
teeth. The new teeth have all come in, but still one baby tooth next to
the bottom K9. His personality is real nice. He is safe around anyone,
young or old. He is very vocal when he sees other dogs. Not being
aggressive, just wanting to see them. I am working on calming him down on
that. My vet really likes him and his temperment. His training is going
well for what can be done at his age. There is a place out here called K9
University. The guy does a variety of training for people and their dogs.
I mostly go out to do helper work for him and socialize my dog. I have
taken Trooper out a few times to watch protection. I almost feel bad about
it. While a dog is on a tie out being worked, other dogs are watching from
the sidelines. Most of the other people are working young to middle age
dogs without a whole lot of luck. A few pups are being held on line in the
back ground not paying much attention. I bring Trooper out and he is at
the end of his line barking his ass off wanting to engage while draging me
along. He is now focusing on the helper, and not just the barking dog
being worked. He will take a rag, a tug, or any sleeve he can fit in his
mouth. This is the difference between good dog breeding and just breeding
dogs. Thank You! He has pretty well learned not to bother the cats. He
would probably chase it if it ran though. I still get to take him to work
with me every day. That really helps me to get to know him better which
should improve our communications in training. I am doing some obedience
training imprinting also. His tracking is going pretty good. He is out of
the beginner squares, and he is doing some corners and curves. He is still
young and his attention span matches his age. I plan on doing more with
him once he turns 6 months. I just hope to keep him happy in his work.
Trooper is a nice dog and I am very happy with him. I get a lot of
compliments on him at training as well as when I take him in the pet
stores. I will get you some pictures and maybe a video of him working
soon. Any word on the registration papers? I will pass the word and
see if anyone is looking for a pup. Thanks,

The kids dressed him in
one of Juliana's bathing suits and they cut a hole in it for his tail and
he wore it happily. Unfortunately, i didn't have any film in the camera,
but i will send you some pictures soon, i promise. He is extremely
handsome and when we go for walks, he is right at my left side but if a
neighbor comes towards us, even to say hi, he blocks them physically from
touching me, which i think is wonderful. The neighbors here are crabby,
anyway and i don't especially like them, so it's just as well and i have no
doubt that Tristan the Magnificent senses that and that's why he won't let
anyone too close.

Also, Rick, I took Tristan in to the Children's Hospital today to see the
kids in the cancer ward (who aren't in isolation) and they put a Phoenix
Children's Hospital shirt on him and he wore it all around the hospital and
happily visited all the kids and relieved them of any unwanted food. He is
very polite, you know. Tristan LOVES bananas!!! I asked the vet if it was
ok for him to have a banana every day and he said as long as it didn't seem
to bother his tummy and it was actually good for him, but i wanted to ask
YOU if you think it's ok. I only let him have one a day, but he would eat
the entire stalk if i let him. He is a great eater and is eating the Pro
Plan like a champ and he takes his vitamins and i am also giving him a
liver flavored MSM and Vitamin C pill which he likes and also, Tristan
loves having his teeth brushed!!! When i brush mine, i get out his
toothbrush and he particularly likes the chicken flavored doggie tooth
paste and i brush his teeth too. Then he is ready for the rest of the day
and at night when i brush my teeth (or during the day, too), he patiently
sits like a little soldier and waits for me to brush his teeth and then he
is ready to hop into bed and rest for the night. He is always touching me,
whether on my pillow, excuse me, TRISTAN's pillow, which he is good enough
to share with me, or if i turn on my side, he will be jammed up next to me
and several times during the night, i can feel him checking around the room
- he will just quietly stand up on the bed and look around the bedroom and
make sure everything is ok, and then will settle right back to sleep.

I can never, ever thank you enough for Tristan. He is a wonder pup for
sure and we love him so very much. Feel free to use us as references (not
that you would ever need any), but we are always happy to tell people about
our boy.

Hope all is well with you and your family and i'm praying that the litter
you are expecting VERY SOON is very healthy and everything you want them to
be. I know they will be gorgeous, and as beautiful as O'Reily is, i know
without one doubt, that we were meant for Tristan and he was meant for us
and i thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work you went
to so that he could come home. I know you went to hell and back getting
him here and i'm so sorry it was so much trouble, but here, as i look down
at Tristan who is resting on my feet as i write this, i know he is where he
is supposed to be.

Thank you again, Rick and many, many blessings always,

Robin & Tristan

Hi Rick,
Just thought I would let you know that Ayla put on her deminstration in
scent discrimination, obedience and protection at the German Shepherd Club
of Barbados on Sunday and recieved a standing ovation!!!!!!!!!!! She
preformed at her best as usual!!!!
I am now on the committe of this club and I will be conducting seminars for
the club. Alot of people became very interested after seeing what Ayla
could do and were amazed at how friendly she is!!!!!
Anyhow I recieved the critique from the last dog show, here is what the
judge had to say about Thor. "This Self Black is a typical Shepherd, not
glamorous but very honest and absolutely sound, show in gleaming condition."
Ayla is doing well and has gone off of food, this is exactly what she did to
me the last time and I have to pump her up to eat, I also have to hand feed
her and praise the dickens out of her, this will go on for the next 7 weeks.
Lucky me.


...........Oh ! By the way - Ellessar from our Cherokee/Cora breeding got
his Bh this past weekend in Austin at Triple Crown. The owner lives in Dallas.
Word was that he looked ABSOLUTELY PERFECT......in every exercise. Total
focus. Correct in everything. And his gripwork is truly exceptional !

HI Rick,

Thank you so much for writing. Tristan the Magnificent is fine and you
will REALLY like THIS story....we needed to have a new roof put on, so
hired this company to do so. After hearing hours of banging around, and
then there were 2 hours of no noise, so i went up the ladder to see what
was going on and here i am up on the roof waking these guys up who were
taking a little siesta, but i almost had a heart attack when i realized
that Tristan had COME UP THE LADDER AS WELL!!!!! I know it's very hard for
dogs to negotiate stairs, much less a ladder and i was afraid of how i
would get him down, so i put him across my shoulders and carried him down
to make sure he would be ok and as soon as i put him on the ground, HE RAN
BACK UP THE LADDER and barked at these guys to get them to start back to
work!!!!!!! I thought they were upset when i came up to wake their lazy
rear ends up and get back to work, but it was TRISTAN who put the fear of
God into them and this morning they came to the door and asked me PLEASE
not to let Tristan go up the ladder again (which i would have never allowed
him to do anyway, but he just shot up there like a bullet) because he
showed them ALL of his beautiful white teeth and got them moving. I think
they will finish the job EARLY now as they want OUT OF HERE, i'm quite
sure!!!! Also, Tristan just trotted down the ladder like it was nothing
when i called him as i was going to climb back up there and bring him down
on my shoulders again and i swear to God, Rick, i think Tristan smiled at
me after all was said and done and looked at me as if to say, "Didn't I do
a GREAT JOB, MOM?!" So, of course, i gave him lots of treats and then it
was time to pick Juliana up from school, so we jumped in the car and drove
over to pick her up and stopped at Dairy Queen for a puppy cup ( they have
Frosty Paws doggie ice cream there) and Tristan ate it with great relish
and smiled all day. The foreman came to the door a little while ago (we
have an iron screen between the door and outside, so Tristan couldn't get
to him, but Tristan meets everyone at the door and with this guy, once
again, he was baring his teeth, yet when Juliana's friends come over, he is
smiling and wagging his tail and you never hear a peep out of him and he
goes and herds the kids into the room where i can keep an eye on them, but
he never leaves their side, always keeping an eye on them, but in very good
humor, but still keeping a close eye on things.

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